Presentations & Programs

One of the coolest features of ConferenceBuilder is its program tool. Here you can create your program and store information about presentations and presenters. Set up the program with one tract or concurrent sessions based on how your meeting is organized. Set up time slots for sessions and assign presentations to sessions. The result is an interactive program where attendees can see presentation descriptions, speaker photos and bios.

Exhibits & Sponsors


Through ConferenceBuilder we can provide a central database of company information. An interactive online map shows prospects which booths are available. The same map uses company logos to denote exhibitors and provides attendees a brief description of each vendor and links to their website. Administrative reports show the number of click-throughs to exhibitor sites.


Our online sponsor tools allow you to set up the benefits of various sponsor levels and list these in easy to read grouped bullet lists on the conference website. When you book a sponsorship, add the sponsor to the website and they will appear in the areas of the site you designate. No extra work to add them to multiple lists and locations. The system does the updates for you. Sponsors can also be listed on the home page with rotating ads based on their sponsorship level. Again, click-throughs can be tracked and reported to site administrators.