Core3 Content Management System

Take control of your online content by using PAQ Interactive's custom built content management system. The CMS comes standard with tools you can use to easily manage your online content, create & manage user accounts, and create & send custom newsletters.

We have designed our CMS user interface to be intuitive and very easy to learn and use. Easily & quickly manage your online content from any web browser with no coding experience needed.
Gain control over your online users. Capture new accounts & easily manage existing accounts.
Create & manage beautiful content with ease. No previous codeing experience needed.
Manage all your photos, videos, & documents in once place with the media manager.
Schedule & manage your events online. Set up a calendar & even sell tickets to your event.

Content Management Systems

There are lots of CMS options out there, why choose PAQ's? We have been building websites since 1994. Consistently among clients is a reluctance to make web updates...something that is needed to keep your site fresh and interesting. When we dug deeper, we found that they did not want to buy/learn new software. They needed an easy way to keep their site up to be able to get in, make the update, and get out and back on to their work. That is what we have created. A CMS that makes it easy to add/update content. But we did not stop there. We added ability to manage the pages on the site and access to those pages. We also offer a variety of modules which integrate seamlessly with the CMS to provide additional functionality when the client needs it. It's a really powerful system that continues to be honed and expanded on a regular basis. Dizzy Dean once said, "It ain't bragging if you can do it." Check out some of the features of our content management system below.


ConferenceBuilder is where our content management system shines the most. From the Indiana CCA Conference to the International Conference of Precision Agriculture, every aspect of conference management can be done from our tools. From online registration, to presentation and abstract management, exhibit hall and sponsors management, and building the program itself. All viewable in your website. As well as every kind of report and export you will ever need. 

Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart allows you to create product categories, products, modifiers for the products. You can also adjust your shipping and taxes as needed for your individual store. It has support for UPS and USPS shipping api's for calculating shipping on the fly, or even flat fee's. It can handle processing payments through paypal or You can also process refunds, or even change information about orders processed through your store.

Online Magazine Issues

Our magazine management tool allows you to track magazines, issues in your magazine, individual articles in your issue, and even the advertisements that goes along with it. You can even publish your magazine to the web, and or to a news letter to be sent out to your customers or followers.


Our boilerplate system works with all of the modules and functions on the website. When you have any email thats generated it will be in the boilerplate system. For example new users who signup on the site will receive an email, that email in the boilerplate will be editable but also allows you to plugin some personality. If you wanted to greet your new user with their first name last name such as a "Dear John Doe", the boilerplate is where you can apply that custom information in that email without having to generate it yourself!


The Poll management system allows you to generate polls on your website with several settings. Whether you want the results to be public or not, or require an email etc. The polls can be of a few different types, multiple choice or single choice. Even has an other option. The poll can be set to run for any period of time.

Newsletter Management
Through our newsletter tool you can send emails out to all of your followers or clients. Our tool allows you to keep track of static lists of emails, or through the use of tags you can use our smart lists system. Smart lists basically will poll the user database for anyone tagged with certain tags, some of which are automatic based on what they do. So as people subscribe to your newsletter, or sign up for a conference or other event they may get automatically added to smart lists. Without any need for you to have to manually add them, making it easier to manage your newsletters and who receives them.


Media Management

Our media manager is one of our crowned jewels. Those who use flickr will be very familiar with our media manager. Through this system your allowed to upload multiple media of any type, whether it be images or flash or even videos. You can organize the media you upload into albums, and through our advanced toolset be able to batch edit media as needed. Just like all of our other content you have the ability to control where and when your media content displays on the webpage and to whom.

Tag Management

Our content management system revolves heavily around a tag based system. We use tags to help distribute content and how it displays but also how it relates one content to another. This allows for easy flow of information from one block of content to the next, and grouping of content in appropriate categories making it easy for any user to browse and view the content on your site.

Event Management

Our events management tool allows you to keep track of events, both future and past. With the same advanced permission and tag system you can specify where events appear, even on multiple pages. Or even hide events only for privileged users. Events in addition to tracking their location, can also have 1 or more files associated with them. Or even an RSVP system to keep track of who maybe attending the event!

User Management

Through our user management system you can control as simple as just users who can login and have access to private content, to those who can add/edit content, or any other module in the system fine tuning their permissions. In addition to managing users we have a membership system that allows users to sign up or renew memberships with or without web-based payment. The membership system will track payments, login statistics, grant access to extra content when your membership is active and not expired, as well as other benefits hooked into other modules such as a shopping cart discount while logged in.

Resource Management

With our resources system you are able to add just about any resource you can add to the system. Whether it be just straight text, or adding files like pdf's or just articles in general. Through the use of tags you can display resources in multiple places without having to create multiple versions. You can also control who can view the resources and when its available to be viewed, giving ultimate control over your content.

Page Management

Our new content page management system helps break the restrictions of most content management systems. With our system you can organize your website into subsites or sections more easily. On each page, instead of being restricted to content in specific spots you can add one of several content blocks to control in what order, and how the content displays. These blocks can be anything from simple text, to resources, any type of media, events and so on! You can fine-tune each block independently on each page to determine how it displays and when. You can even control who gets to see the content, granting or denying access as needed to control your content's audience. Through the use of tags you can even duplicate content on multiple pages in multiple spots, having only written the content once. No more having to go from page to page copy pasting code over and over again.