1964 - 2022

Quentin started PAQ as an extension of his interests in the web, technology, and agriculture. Quentin managed PAQ's business operations and worked with clients to find the right solutions to their needs. With a touch of expertise in Web, Analytics, and Events, Quentin worked through all groups at PAQ, sharing ideas, managing projects, and cross-pollinating ideas. 

Quentin led the Events group and wore several hats as a service to other organizations:

  • EAGIC Project Lead, BioSTL
  • Conference Secretary, The InfoAg Conference 
  • Program Administrator, Indiana Certified Crop Advisers
  • Conference Secretary, International Conference on Precision Agriculture
  • Executive Secretary, International Society for Precision Agriculture

Quentin was a dedicated family man.  Raised on a central Illinois grain & livestock farm, the youngest of ten children, he made his home in the nearby town of Monticello, Illinois.  Quentin received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois in Agricultural Communications and a master’s degree from Eastern Illinois University in Technology Education. After serving a two-year Peace Corps tour in Tunisia he returned to central Illinois and married his loving wife of 31 years.  She and their 4 cherished daughters and 1 granddaughter were his greatest joy.  He was a person of strong faith, high integrity, and a strong and independent work ethic. 

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