NuGIS Interactive Map

The Nutrient Use Geographic Information System (NuGIS) is a project sponsored by the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). 
The NuGIS project involves modeling numerous national data sources on crop production , fertilizer use, land use, and livestock populations. We use these and other data to perform analyses and make estimates of nutrient input and removal for each County and Watershed in the lower 48 states, for 5 different years. 
The best way to communicate much of this information is through a map, and this project produces lots of maps!
Instead of making a static picture of every map a person may want, we implemented an Interactive Map.  
The Interactive Map lets the user construct their own map by turning map layers on and off, zooming in and out and panning the map.The Interactive Map also lets users click on a County, Watershed, or Region and view the input, removal, and balance estimations for that area.  Users can also search for Counties or Watersheds by name. 
The Interactive Map saves time and improves accuracy. Before using the Interactive Map, changes to underlying data or a change in the modeling process meant re-creating up to 125 map images and took hours. With the Interactive Map the update process takes minutes and vastly reduces the chances for human error.