Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services provide a comprehensive approach to optimize your company’s online presence. With a custom marketing plan tailored to your goals, we work closely with you to adapt strategies as your objectives evolve.

From one-on-one content meetings to social media scheduling and coordinating eye-catching post graphics, our team ensures a cohesive and engaging marketing campaign.

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When you work with the PAQ Digital Marketing Team, you can count on:

Custom Marketing Plan Every company is unique and your marketing plan will be customized to optimize success. PAQ will work with you to structure and adapt your plan as your objectives evolve.
One-On-One Content Meetings PAQ encourages quarterly or monthly content meetings to discuss where we are with our marketing plan and ensure that the content we have created coincides with your goals.
Social Media Scheduling Take the stress out of remembering to post on time. PAQ will schedule your content to publish on your preferred dates and times.
Coordinating Post Graphics Our graphic design team will create a graphic for each post that gives a visual representation to the written post. Your graphic designer will work with you to create your company’s identity design. When available, we will use your photos to enhance the personality of the graphic.
Market Research on Your Industry Trust the PAQ marketing team to dive deep into your company’s industry to determine the best marketing course of action.
Analytics Report PAQ offers monthly or quarterly digital marketing analytics to better inform you of what style social media posts and email blasts connected with your audience best. PAQ will use this information to tailor future posts to increase engagement.
Email Communication Manager PAQ-built websites include the Email Communication Manager. On the ECM, you can create newsletter templates for your various marketing campaigns and schedule your emails in advance.
Smartlists PAQ can create smartlists that work in tandem with the Email Communication Manager to make sure you are reaching your intended audience.

Case Studies

In preparation for the annual Indiana CCA Conference, PAQ manages the program's social media pages and sends out regular newsletters straight from the conference website.
PAQ is the digital marketing manager for the International Society of Precision Agriculture and its biennial conference. The marketing plan includes social media updates and monthly e-newsletters.
PAQ manages the North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference's social media platforms. We prepare and schedule content to highlight upcoming deadlines, showcase the program, and more.