McNitt Growers

McNitt Growers is a second generation agribusiness located in Jackson County Illnois. We are a 1.25 acre greenhouse in which spring bedding plants and an interesting selection of perennials are grown. They have 2.25 acres of Chambourcin grapes that we sell to local wineries. Last year we custom grew over 1 million strawberry plants to be used on plastic culture systems.
They plant a small amount of strawberries on plastic to grow out for spring berry production. They usually start picking strawberries the last week in April and can have them all the way to Memorial Day Weekend. Their most recent endeavor is growing both red and black raspberries. If all goes well, the black raspberries will be ready in May through June with the Reds being picked from July through November. These will be available in a ½ pint clam shell. We welcome visitors so if you are in the area please stop in and look around.

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