Our background is heavy in training and education. All our training products focus on the needs of the life-long learner. We understand that taking time to learn means being productive at being better.

Web-Based Training

Our skills converge at web-based training. Web-based training is an affordable alternative to meeting travel and time expenses. We understand that learning online should be more than reading screen dumps and static images. Interaction is a powerful learning tool and our web-based training programs build on all learning methods to create a hybrid program that meets the needs of the life-long learner.

Training Hits the Press

For some applications a manual in-hand beats two on the screen. For situations where a manual is suited for mark up and reference, our printed training materials provide superior usability to a standard Word document. We can prepare materials camera-ready for your favorite printer or print full color short-run jobs in-house complete with binding options and custom covers.

Software Documentation

Our software and training skills provide a great tool for custom software development projects. We’ve developed both online and print software/process documentation including in-line help and printed manuals. These range from pop-up tips to fully indexed tomes using hypertext, demonstration videos, and interactive user training. We believe better documentation makes happier users.