Spatial Analysis

Where is your product needed? How efficient are you using resources? What is your data telling you?  
At PAQ, we use Spatial Analysis to turn raw data into useful information that helps you make decisions.
Whether it's mapping demographics to show you where your customers are, estimating resource use to show you where your product is needed, or performing complex interpolations and comparisons of research data, our team at PAQ can help.
Many of the tools we use today collect reams of location and activity data while they work. PAQ can help you use that data to make more informed decisions. 

Spatial Analysis Projects

Many of our client's projects incorporate land use and crop production data. PAQ GIS staff have developed specialized routines to process, analyze and summarize large crop and land use raster datasets by county, watershed, or customized regions. 

Cropsmith Fertility and Recommendation maps

Cropsmith Inc. is an Agronomy consultant specializing in providing fertility and Nitrogen management recommendations to farmers.
Cropsmith worked with PAQ GIS team to develop methods to create meaningful, accurate maps of agricultural fields depicting the current soil fertility and recommended fertilizer application using data from geographic points attributed with soil fertility and chemistry characteristics. 
Cropsmith and PAQ developed a set of standard procedures utilizing Spatial Analysis and Geoprocessing functions to interpolate the point data across the entire field and create thematic contour maps of soil fertility and fertilizer recommendations. Numerous methods of interpolation were tested including Splining, Kriging, and grid based interpolations.