Our Team  

Patty Rund | President, CFO

Patty's leadership and financial management have guided PAQ through its first decade. This helps our clients by relieving the need to push rapid-fire, project-to-project. We bid on the work and then spend the time to get it to the clients' satisfaction.

Quentin Rund | Vice President, CEO

Quentin manages PAQ's web development services for our agribusiness and ag organization clients. He is the primary contact for web site design and production, user surveys, and focus groups, usability testing, and client training. Quentin is an experienced GIS analyst and trainer of ArcGIS software from ESRI. He coordinates with crop researchers on experimental design and analysis. He works with businesses on general data analysis, sales tracking, equipment logistics and customer/market studies.

Quentin received his B.S. (1988) in Agriculture Science from the University of Illinois and M.S. (1996) in Technology Training and Development from Eastern Illinois University.

Michelle Morgan | Conference coordinator

Michelle coordinates our growing portfolio of conferences and association management. Under Michelle's care the InfoAg Conference, the International Conference on Precision Agriculture, and the Indiana CCA Conference have grown in attendence. Michelle's ease in communicating puts our clients at ease and gives them a reason to call. Michelle makes sure all events run as promised special attention to registration and venue management.

Ryan Williams | GIS Analyst and Programmer

Ryan provides GIS and analytical services to our clients. Ryan is a Certified GIS Professional (GIS-P) and has several years of experience working with local and regional governments. Ryan has also had training in environmental science and experience performing research in the field and analyzing data in the office. Ryan provides his talents to organize and analyze complicated datasets and provide GIS development and mapping services to our clients.

Ryan received his B.S. in Geography (2000) with emphasis on Natural Environmental Systems and GIS from Northern Illinois University.

Luis Rund | Web Project Coordinator

Luis coordinates PAQ's web development projects, hosting, and customer service. Luis' training in design and organization provides our clients with the perfect mix for crafting their web presence. He brings a high level of energy and professionalism to every project.

Luis earned a BS in Architecture from the University of Illinois and an MS in Architecture from Arizona State University. 

Aaron Parmelee | programmer and Designer

Aaron brings a long history of web development experience to PAQ along with education and background in graphic design. He is our lead programmer for our learning management system installations and he supervises special web application projects. Aaron also coordinates our Droid app development projects.

Aaron has a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois.

Fauzi Salihin | programmer

Fauzi's expertise in PHP programming and user interaface are having a terrific impact on PAQ projects. His eye for detail and ability to tweak code for the optimum user experience is a great benefit to PAQ and our clients. Fauzi is our lead developer on PAQ's content management system and coordinates our iOS app development projects. 

Fauzi earned a BS in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Anthony Erbe | Web Developer

Anthony has a unique blend of technical skills and people skills. He is our web development specialist with highly honed skills in scripting and stylesheet development. Anthony leads our customer service efforts and joins in the planning, workflow, and organization of web site projects. 

Anthony is completing his AS as a Computer Programmer/Analyst at Richland Community College.

Elle Williams | GIS Analyst

Elle brings a rich background in geography and data analysis that fits in neatly with PAQ's Analytics team. She is skilled in ArcGIS and R and has extensive training in remote sensing data analysis.  

Elle has a BS and MS in Geography from Kansas State University.

Bobby Hancock | PROGRAMMER / IT

Bobby brings a rich history of web development and database administration experience to PAQ's web development team. He manages our web project servers and small business networking systems. Bobby has a rich background in SAP database projects and relational database design, development, and maintenance. 

Laurx Design | Web & Print Design

Mary Laurx with Laurx Design provides PAQ with professional graphic design skills. Mary has worked as a freelance graphic designer since 1992. Mary has 18 years experience in the design and production of brochures, catalogs, newsletters, magazines and business-to-business advertising. She also writes advertising copy and press releases.

Mary earned a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising from Northern Illinois University.