Web Development

Web development is a core part of our business. We help people put technology to work. By leveraging the interactive abilities of the web, we help our customers with everything from simple brochure sites to complete interactive web applications with restricted access. Our latest content management system employs a suite of tools offering our clients complete control over their website pages, navigation, content, and interactive modules.

Content Management System

Our Content Management System is the core of our web development efforts. Nearly every site we manage runs on our CMS. It has proven itself in simple "brochure" sites as well as complex intranet web applications.

  • Complete Website Modification - No Coding Required
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Module Integration
  • Adapative
  • Individualized User Access
  • Quick Response Support
Web Design

Web Design is another area where we demonstrate our ability to identify and adapt to our customer needs. Our web design services range from full design services to adaption of an existing mockup to the web.

  • State of the Art Design with CSS
  • Style with Purpose
  • Emphasis on Usability and Functionality
  • Mockups and wireframes
  • Team Development Approach

All clients want their website to be findable and that means Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We start by identifying how you want to be found and for what. Our design methodology helps to optimize the indexing of your site to enhance search engine results. PAQ's goal is to provide effective performance-based SEO Services for any business. Search engine optimization requires consistency, patience and focus. At PAQ we're focused on delivering prominent rankings on relevant keywords for our customers.

Web Application Development

Some clients need a custom solution. We have created intranet and extranet applications for a variety of clients. Each application presents unique challenges, but they all leverage the immense power of the internet for bringing people together to work on a common project.

  • Complete Content Management Control
  • ConferenceBuilder Tools for Meeting Management
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Custom Applications
Mobile Applications

The newest addition to our line-up of development services is mobile application development. We can create a mobile version of your website or create a custom application to fit your business needs.

  • Custom Design and Function
  • Central Data Connections, Calculations, Games and Reference Library
  • Push Updates
  • User Customization